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Best MBA Programs in Canada 2023

Choosing the right MBA program can be a daunting task, There are many factors to consider, from cost and location to curriculum and reputation. But if you're looking for the best MBA programs in Canada, we've got you covered.

This article will showcase some of the best business schools in the country and what they have to offer students looking to get a head start on their career. So whether you've just started your search or are ready to apply, read on for our list of the best MBA programs in Canada!

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MBA Programs in Canada

11 Best MBA Programs in Canada

11. Roe School of Business (Dalhousie University)

This year's edition of the Best in Canada list begins with Dalhousie University's Rowe School of Business.

  • Tuition fees: $55,577
  • The percentage of female students: 48
  • Percentage of international students: 20
  • Number of students per class: 46

The duration of the MBA program is 22 months and includes a number of courses and electives.

The corporate residency program teaches various courses, including self-management and business sharing; responsibility, ethics and society; borderless management; and PPE Capstone: Leadership and Impact.

The corporate residency component (eight months of paid work experience) allows students to gain real-world experience.

Dalhousie University is one of Canada's oldest institutions, having grown from a local institution to a world-renowned institution. It also offers one of the best MBA programs in Canada.

With approximately 19,000 students enrolled in all programs, the university has sufficient resources to meet the needs of all of its students. However, it is not so massive that students get lost among the masses.

Dalhousie University offers a variety of courses aimed at preparing students for careers in senior finance, leadership, and management.

Students can choose from three different fields: banking, venture capital and private equity.

Each track is designed to provide students with the skills they need to excel in the world of high finance.

Dalhousie University offers courses in several areas of study. If you are interested in studying at Dalhousie, be sure to explore our online course catalog. There are also a number of ways to get involved on campus, including through clubs and student organizations.

Be sure to visit their website for tuition information and other important details about entering Dalhousie University.

10. DeGroote School of Business (McMaster University)

The DeGroote family has been instrumental in the growth of McMaster University, which is one of Canada's best-known institutions and has expanded its footprint in a number of areas through generous donations.

The part-time blended program is designed for students who work while pursuing their studies. The online component of the course is half. However, only three weekend sessions per semester need to be conducted in person, making it viable for working professionals.

In many circumstances, the program allows you to complete the "work-integrated tasks" required at your workplace, giving honors students complete freedom to complete their studies and work simultaneously.

Students who complete the courses are well prepared for a career in financial markets or healthcare. DeGroote School of Business offers courses in business and accounting. Courses include topics such as marketing, finance, and management. Classes are taught by experienced teachers who are experts in their field. That's why it's on our list of the best MBA programs in Canada.

There are a variety of degree options available at the DeGroote School of Business, including undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs.

If you are interested in learning more about the DeGroote School of Business or pursuing a career in business, visit the school's website or contact the admissions office for more information.

9. HEC Montreal Business School (University of Montreal)

Next in the list of best MBA programs in Canada is HEC Montreal Business School. It is a public university in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

It offers a 12-month MBA program starting in September. Students pay $37,727 in tuition. The average salary for HEC Montréal graduates is $62,894.

8. John Molson School of Business (Concordia University)

John Molson College of Business (Concordia University) is a public university. It offers an MBA program. The first section of the 16-month MBA program consists of 10 core courses. Each core course is worth three credits.

Students must complete 15 credit hours of a combination of elective and/or experiential learning activities such as the MBA Community Service Initiative, Small Business Consulting Office, and Strategies in Action in the second semester.

Fees: Fees are usually calculated based on your course and other factors. This is an estimated sum of $15,500, including health insurance.

Requirements: You may be asked to provide additional documents, files, or test results as part of your application. Before applying, be sure to check the additional program requirements.

The sooner you submit all the necessary documents, the faster Concordia can process your application. It may take several weeks to include hard copies of your paperwork in your file during peak seasons.

Application Process: You are ready to apply when you have reviewed the requirements, checked the application deadlines and contacted the recruiter. To start or continue your application, follow our step-by-step MBA application guide.

Application Deadlines:

Canadians and permanent residents:

  • Fall - First Round: March 1* (For scholarship considerations, applications must be complete with all supporting documents by March 1)
  • Fall - Second Round: May 1
  • Fall - Round 3: June 1 (space permitting)
  • Winter: October 1

International Applicants (Study Permit):

  • March 1 for September entry (autumn semester)
  • June 1 to enter January (winter semester)

Note: Canadian/permanent residency applications may be considered after the deadline as long as space is available.

You must also submit two letters of recommendation (LOR) and two written questions to answer. You must also submit a video question and a transcript of your foreign language lessons.


The personal interview is an important step in the John Molson School of Business (Concordia University) admissions process.

7. Alberta Business School (University of Alberta)

The Alberta School of Business at the University of Alberta is a research-intensive public university. It has been repeatedly ranked among the top 50 publicly funded universities for research by the Financial Times of London, making it the school that offers one of the best MBA programs in Canada.

The Alberta MBA offers students a unique, high-quality experience that emphasizes collaboration. Four 3M National Education Fellowship winners have come from Alberta Business School, more than any other Canadian business school.

The Alberta College of Business (ASB) is part of the University of Alberta. ASB offers programs in business administration, financial management, and marketing. The SBA's Executive Education Program offers executives the opportunity to gain experience and develop skills in a variety of fields.

ASB has a library with books and magazines on business management, finance, marketing and other topics. The school has an online learning platform that allows students to take classes from anywhere in the world.

SBA ranks first in Canada for graduate employability according to the World Economic Forum's 2016 Global Employment Rankings report.

6. Saud College of Business (University of British Columbia - UBC)

UBC's MBA Business program is among the top business schools in Canada.

This university is known for having an excellent international MBA program. Due to all the opportunities available to students after graduation, it is considered the best MBA institution in Canada for international students.

Requirements: An undergraduate degree of at least three years and a B+ average or equivalent from a recognized institution

Minimum GMAT score of 550; GRE score of 155 in the verbal and quantitative sections. [In the verbal and quantitative sections, you must achieve a GMAT score of at least 550 and a GRE score of at least 155 in both parts].

IELTS - 7 general or TOEFL iBT - 100

Sauder College of Business is a public university.

Type of university: public

Fees: $90,057 CAD

This amount does not include room and board or other expenses incurred while the student is enrolled at the Sauder School of Business.

Sauder Business School Admission Requirements:

In addition, candidates must answer a written question and a video question before a personal interview.

Application process:

Late applications are accepted with the understanding that they may not be considered for all available places in the chosen period.

5. Schulich School of Business (University of York)

The Schulich School of Business is ranked #1 by Forbes, The Economist, CNN, etc. 89% of graduates found attractive jobs right after graduation.

You need an undergraduate degree from a recognized post-secondary institution with a minimum B average in the last two full years (or equivalent).

The Schulich School of Business offers a variety of MBA programs, all of which have different study rates and lengths. The full-time program at York University lasts two years, while the part-time program can last up to six years.

The Fast Track MBA program is available for people who want to complete their MBA in 10 months. There are also accelerated programs available at the Schulich School of Business, including the part-time Professional MBA and the International MBA.

4. Ivey College of Business (Western University)

Ivey Business School is a top school among the top MBA programs in Canada.

To be eligible for the full-time MBA program, applicants must have:

  • GMAT/GRE score
  • Unofficial transcripts from all secondary schools
  • A copy of an official transcript if selected for admission

The GMAT exam can be skipped if the candidate passes all three levels of the CFA designation.

In addition to these basic requirements, international students must also meet the following Requirements:

  • An official transcript with the correct English translation from their university
  • Minimum score on each of these tests: TOEFL score must be 100, IELTS general (recommended) or academic score 7, MELAB score must be 85, CAEL overall score must be 60, PTE score must be of 70.

3. Smith School of Business (Queen's University)

The Smith School of Business promotes leadership and a work-based approach to studying business. This university is one of the best places to be, whether it's enabling students to create their own career path or ensuring they get attractive opportunities and exposure.

Type of university: Public

Fee: 102,100 Canadian dollars


  • Resume
  • Application form
  • The texts
  • GMAT or GRE
  • IELTS (7 in total) or TOEFL iBT 100
  • cover letter
  • 2 LORs
  • 2 video questions
  • 1 written response
  • Interview

2. Desautels School of Management (McGill University)

The Schulich School of Business at McGill University is one of the top MBA universities in Canada.

A large percentage of graduates found attractive jobs right after graduation here.

The program is built on an integrated interdisciplinary model that combines research, practice and teaching.

The Desautels College of Management is home to many prestigious programs, such as the MBA program and the McGill-HEC Montreal Executive MBA.

You can learn more about each program by visiting their website or speaking with an admissions representative during a campus visit.

1. The Rotman School of Management (University of Toronto)

The Rotman School of Management is a business school affiliated with the University of Toronto. Since many foreigners reside in Toronto, the Rotman School is one of the best MBA institutions in Canada for international students. Moreover, it offers one of the best MBA programs in Canada for both domestic and international students.

Requirements for specific programs vary by school. However, they generally require a bachelor's degree or equivalent with a final grade point average of at least a mid-B and a GPA of at least 3.0 from an accredited institution.

A GMAT or GRE score and two years of relevant work experience are also required, along with LORs (letters of recommendation) and essay and video submissions for some programs.

Interviews are common in some programs, such as the Rotman School of Management (University of Toronto).

The part-time MBA program is open to working adults who have at least one year of work experience after earning a bachelor's degree.

The dual degree MBA program is offered jointly by the Rotman School and another business school.

The Executive MBA program is aimed at business professionals who wish to pursue careers in management positions or as senior executives within companies.

The distance learning MBA program is available for students who cannot complete on-campus courses full-time but still wish to earn an MBA accredited by the Rotman School of Management.


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