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Everything We Know About Final Destination 6 (Final Destination: Bloodlines)

In early March, an image shared by cinematographer Christian Sebaldt on Instagram revealed that Final Destination 6 (titled Final Destination: Bloodlines) had finally, after years of development and a thirteen-year gap between sequels, entered production. Franchise producer Craig Perry then took to social media to confirm that Final Destination: Bloodlines was indeed filming, and that the goal is to release this film in theaters in 2025 - in time for the 25th anniversary of the release of the original film. And it will even be on IMAX screens! Filming wrapped in May, so we thought it was a good time to put together a list of everything we know about Final Destination 6.

Shake the formula

Jeffrey Reddick - who wrote the initial screenplay for the original Final Destination and contributed to Final Destination 2 - has been keeping up to date with the latest developments as Final Destination 6 progresses through development and claims that this new sequel will shake up the world of movie theater. Small formula. "I'm really excited about the story, which I can't tell you about," he told Dread Central (thanking for the script. "I will say it's not going to be just another genre of 'We're a group of people, they cheat death, and then it hits them "Death." And there's a wrinkle that we add to every movie to like it and change it a little. real Final Destination movie, but it doesn't follow the kind of formula that we've kind of created... I think I can say the same, to a certain extent, it's still a Final Destination movie. It's not a scam, it's nothing crazy, but it's not your typical "have an accident, death starts eliminating survivors" thing, but that's all I can say but. it's very much a Final Destination movie and I think it's a really clever way... I'm very excited about it, he later told Collider: "You can't escape the tricky death and death following you because that’s what makes it a “final destination” movie, but this movie “doesn’t settle.” add another layer. There is usually a new layer in there. » A movie where you say, “Oh, well, this might save you or this might save you.” » This film delves into it in a unique way, it attacks it from one point of view. different angle, so don't do it. I don't feel like "Oh, there's a great setup and then there's a problem that can save you"... There's an expansion of the universe... An expansion of the world of Final Destination which I think fans will be really interested and intrigued by. When I say it doesn't add anything, I don't just mean, "Hey, if you kill someone where you are, you're going to live." "It kind of reveals a whole deep layer of history that this kind of thing makes really interesting.


According to entertainment industry explorer Daniel Richtman, Final Destination: Bloodlines has the following synopsis: As Stephanie is about to leave home for college, she discovers 18-year-old Stephanie doing horrible things. nightmares where she dies in a tower accident in the United States. 1960s. His dream is actually a premonition that happened to his grandmother Esther, who foiled death fifty years ago but is now running out of time. Stephanie learns that even though her grandmother thwarted Death (until her death at the age of 80), Death hunted down victims who could have been victims of this disaster long ago, killing them and then stalking their children. Stephanie and her family realize that their lineage is not safe from death, which will take them violently and brutally, unless someone like Stephanie finds a way to stop it.

Creative team

Jon Watts, director of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man: Far from Home and Spider-Man: No Way Home, is producing the film with Craig Perry, Diane McGonigle and Sheila Hanahan Taylor. Watts also wrote the initial treatment, which was adapted into a screenplay by Laurie Evans Taylor and Jay Busiek. The film is helmed by directing duo Zach Lebowski and Adam P. Stein, who previously directed 2018's Freaks (starring Emile Hirsch and Bruce Dern) and the 2019 live-action film Kim Possible.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lebowski and Stine beat out more than two hundred other candidates for the director position, rising to the top with their ideas and passion for the Final Destination brand. "The duo was already in line to get the job when the final Zoom meeting at the stadium became what some in Hollywood called 'the Zoom call to end all Zoom calls'." The duo appeared together in front of New Line executives and producers. , with a fireplace roaring behind them. As they finished the meeting, the fire came back to life and the mantle began to burn. After a tense moment, the filmmakers quickly put out the flames, and as they sat down, everyone was relieved. The incident had passed. A painful scream was heard and suddenly the ceiling fan broke and flew away, decapitating them. One of the filmmakers and producers went from anxiety to full-on laughter. and the visual effects, conveyed smoothly and showing their enthusiasm, was, for everyone involved, the icing on the cake.


The film stars Breck Basinger, Theo Briones, Caitlin Santa Juana, Richard Harmon, Anna Lauer, Owen Patrick Joyner, Max Lloyd-Jones, Rhea Kihlstedt and Tenbo Lee. It also features the return of Tony Todd in his iconic role as undertaker William Bloodworth, who was in films one, two and five.

We have no official confirmation on who the actors are playing (aside from Todd who once again plays Bloodworth)... but we can turn to Daniel Richtman for some character descriptions:

Stephanie Lewis: Smart. Established and ambitious, Stephanie is about to leave her working-class hometown and head to college. Close to her younger brother Charlie, Stephanie feels bad that Charlie has been moody and angry with her lately, perhaps because she is going to leave him, just like their mother did. When Stephanie learns the truth about the nightmares that torment her, she realizes that her grandmother Esther has told them the truth about the impending death of their bloodline parents, and decides to do everything she can to ensure the safety of his family.

Charlie: Jangly, bright, Charlie is Stefan's younger brother. He is generally very close to Steph, but has become moody and angry with her as she nears her departure for college, and hates the fact that she is leaving him like their mother did. When Stephanie discovers the strange truth about how their family died because their grandmother Esther thwarted her years ago, Charlie thinks it's all crazy. But he has great respect for Stephanie, and as she studies the testimony their grandmother gave her before her death, Charlie realizes that Stephanie understands what is happening and comes to believe it too.

Bobby: Huge, caring and anxious, Bobby is a high school football player, brother of Julia and Derek, Stephanie and cousin of Charlie. Kind and vulnerable although not very intelligent, Bobby is the only one in the family who is immediately horrified by Stephanie's recounting of Grandma Esther's story that death will come after their family in order of birth. A frightened Bobby is willing to try anything to prevent death.

Derek: A roving collection of smart, provocative and slightly brutal, ego-filled piercings, tattoos and looks, usually seen with a vape pen, Derek is the brother of Bobby and Julia, and the cousin of Stephanie and Charlie . A tattoo artist and piercing artist, Derek completely disbelieves his cousin Stephanie's story that their family is doomed to haunt death and kill before their time, and is delighted when he appears to prove her wrong by escaping this which should have been a deadly situation. (Producer Craig Perry confirmed a sequence in a tattoo/piercing parlor.)

Esther: Stéphanie's grandmother.

Julia: A tomboy who tries desperately to be stylish and attractive, Julia is the sister of Bobby and Derek, and the cousin of Stephanie and Charlie. She dislikes Stephanie, feeling that Stephanie feels superior to her cousins, and enjoys showing Stephanie how she is a better role model for Charlie. Like the rest of the family, Julia doesn't believe Stephanie's strange story about how their grandmother Esther thwarted Death fifty years ago, and now Death is coming after everyone in the family. Esther's lineage in the order; In fact, Julia likes to see Stéphanie give up when her mother refuses to believe it.

That's all we know at the moment. Are you looking forward to Final Destination 6 / Final Destination: Bloodlines? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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