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MAGA Fumes Over France Election Results: 'They Cheated'

Loyalists of US President Donald Trump have criticized the shocking results of France's parliamentary elections, saying the far right was "tricked" into stopping them from winning.

The New Popular Front, a left-wing coalition, won a surprise victory in the second round of voting in France on Sunday, but its 182 seats are not enough to guarantee an absolute majority.

The Center Alliance led by President Emmanuel Macron came in second with 168 seats, while the far-right National Rally party, which had been expected to win the election since it won the first round of voting, came in third place with 143 seats.

Macron announced snap elections in May after his centrist Ensemble coalition suffered a crushing defeat to the anti-immigration National Rally party led by Marine Le Pen in the European elections. The move was seen as a desperate attempt to prevent the far right from coming to power in France, with voters urged to support the left-wing coalition or the centrist group hastily formed to prevent the National Rally party from control the country's parliament.

After Sunday's vote, many Trump supporters criticized the results of Macron's successful gamble to keep the far right out of power, comparing the election to the 2020 elections and the upcoming 2024 U.S. elections.


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