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'Nobody knows where she is': Melania's whereabouts a mystery to Mar-a-Lago regulars

According to the author of Mar-a-Lago: Inside the Doors of Power at Donald Trump's Presidential Mansion, former First Lady Melania Trump is rarely, if ever, seen at the Mar-a-Lago resort with her husband, Donald. Trump is now calling home.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Palm Beach-based writer Lawrence Limmer said Melania had been regularly seen at the grounds but had recently disappeared and it had become a subject of speculation among regular visitors .

"Before becoming First Lady, Mrs. Trump was reportedly often seen by members of Mar-a-Lago, including at the club's beauty salon. However, these days, residents of the wealthy island say she is rarely seen,” the report reported. said. “She was seen in public,” Limmer told the Telegraph. "No one knows where she is. It's like a mystery. It's definitely been talked about."

"You rarely get out of Mar-a-Lago. It's a strange, isolated life that they live in this place," Limmer added, admitting that he had been banned from the building.

The author claimed that he had many friends who regularly frequented Mar-a-Lago and that they were "surprised by Mrs. Trump's conspicuous absence from the social scene."

According to the report, he said Melania's absence was particularly noteworthy due to the proximity of the family's living quarters "just from the main hall."


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