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Trump wishes electric-car supporters 'rot in hell' in Truth Social Christmas message

  • Donald Trump has wished supporters of electric cars to “rot in hell” in a truly social Christmas message.
  • This is part of a long tirade against Jack Smith, who is prosecuting him in two criminal cases.
  • Trump also shared a meme claiming that Santa voted for him, even though Santa was not a U.S. citizen.

In a Christmas message to supporters Monday, former President Donald Trump said he hopes supporters of the "electric car craze" rot in hell.

Trump's "Social Truth" message continues a theme he has been developing since Christmas Eve, attacking Justice Department special counsel Jack Smith, who is pursuing two criminal cases against him.

The Republican candidate for the 2024 presidential nomination added rhetoric against “thugs,” who were “badder” and “sicker” than all the world’s leaders. In this linguistically confusing message, Trump also appears to attack Israel, which he has placed with Iran, as well as Russia and Ukraine.

"This also includes world leaders, good and bad, but none as bad and 'sick' as the thugs inside our country who, with their open borders, inflation, Afghan capitulation, new green scam, high taxes, “no energy independence”, woke up. The military, Russia/Ukraine, Israel/Iran, the whole electric car craze and more are seeking to destroy the once great United States,” Trump posted. “May they rot in hell.” »

“Once again, Merry Christmas!” Trump added.

The attack on electric cars was a relatively new complaint for Trump. In September, he called it a "hoax" and said President Joe Biden's tax breaks for American-made electric cars and trucks amounted to "going to hell."

Trump also attacked the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, on Monday and promised to "come up with a much better, less expensive alternative," something he failed to do during his four years as president.

He also posted a video of his appearance in "Home Alone 2" and a meme claiming "SANTA VOTED TRUMP." (Santa is not a U.S. citizen and his vote was illegal.)

As for Biden, the Democratic Party's 2024 presidential candidate with little competition, he used a different tone in his Christmas message. He posted a video of the White House Christmas decorations as well as an audio clip of himself and first lady Jill Biden reading Clement Clarke Moore's poem "The Night Before Christmas."


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