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E. Jean Carroll's lawyer says new lawsuit 'on the table' after Trump's Memorial Day shot

Donald Trump has already lost two defamation lawsuits brought against him by E. magazine writer Gene Carroll, and could face a third after his Memorial Day attack on the woman he sexually assaulted.

On Monday, Trump issued a lengthy attack billed as a Memorial Day message.

“Happy Memorial Day to everyone, including the scum of humanity who are working so hard to destroy our once great country, and to the radical left, to the Trump-hating federal judge in New York who presided over this trial, get these two separate trials that gave a woman I've never met a verdict ("A quick handshake at a celebrity event 25 years ago doesn't count!) $91 million for defamation,” she said, referring to Carroll’s cases.

The New York Times' Maggie Haberman, who has spent a lot of time with Trump and still has sources close to the former president's campaign, followed up.

After Trump, who arrived in New York last night, again attacked E. Jean Carroll on Truth Social today, his lawyer, Roberta Kaplan, said: "We have said many times since the last jury verdict in January that all options were on the table. " Painting. And that remains true today: all options are on the table,” Haberman said Monday.

One commenter responded to Haberman saying, "Maggie, we have lost a lot of trust in you as a journalist. I am a very honest person and what we have learned from the Trump impeachment trial has been frustrating to say the least! It could take a very long time." It took a long time to rebuild trust, I can't speak for everyone, but many feel that way, I won't lie to anyone, and if I'm wrong in any way, I I fully accept it and correct it.

This sparked opposition from conservative lawyer George Conway and Trump biographer David Kaye Johnston.

“I'm sorry, but this is completely absurd and reflects a lack of understanding of the press,” Conway said. “Much of the negative information we know about Trump, his administration and his supporters comes from Maggie’s reporting.” "She attended the portion of [Michael] Cohen's interrogation that he mentioned, and there was nothing untoward in her dealings with him or anyone else."

Johnston added:

"You clearly don't understand the role of journalists. Maggie has done an exceptional job of getting Donald to say things. There's plenty of room for arguments, rants and other opinions, but Maggie is a journalist, and one. of the best in the world. The best I have ever experienced.


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