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Full Might of MAGA Turns Out at President TRUMP’S Rally in Wildwood, New Jersey

The MAGA movement has proven unstoppable as it expands in historically blue states like New Jersey. Several thousand Trump supporters made their voices heard when they showed up in force at the 45th Presidential Rally at Jersey Shore in Wildwood, New Jersey, on May 11.

Several hours before President Trump's scheduled speech at 5 p.m. At 1:30 p.m. ET, a sea of energetic New Jersey patriots lined the boardwalk in Wildwood, a small town of about 5,000, for the march.

A video posted by Trump campaign staffer Dan Scavino showed some members of the crowd proudly wearing MAGA hats and chanting “USA!” USA!"

He also impressed the audience inside the venue, with thousands of seats already filled hours before President Trump took the stage.

Previous reports via OAN revealed that some of New Jersey's most dedicated patriots set up camp several days in advance in order to get the best possible seats to watch President Trump make history.

Local news reported that the crowd could reach 40,000 people, demonstrating their enthusiasm for President Trump's 2024 campaign. A first look at the turnout for this unique Trump rally certainly indicates the potential for a record crowd in Wildwood, New Jersey.

No Republican has won New Jersey since 1988, but Trump plans to make a big impression on voters in the Garden State.

As he previewed his rally in New Jersey, Trump released a video message in which he said, "I look forward to joining all of you and sharing a message of common sense." He continued: “The Biden presidency has been a difficult time for New Jerseyans; “It destroys the state.”

“You already have one of the highest tax burdens in the country; “In fact, it's almost the highest, with one of the highest property taxes and sales taxes in the United States,” Trump told New Jersey voters.


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