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DOOM: The Dark Ages Announced, Confirmed for PS5 - Xbox Games Showcase 2024

Id Software is staying busy as the company revealed the next installment in the Doom franchise, titled The Dark Ages.

As a previous report from Insider Gaming indicated, Doom: The Dark Ages is a dark fantasy prequel with a medieval-inspired theme. It will launch in 2025 on Xbox Series

This was the description posted on Xbox Wire.

The prequel to Doom (2016), Doom: The Dark Ages places players behind the mask of the great assassin as they face demonic hordes in brutal combat within an epic, cinematic tale of gods, kings and gods. monsters. In addition to his superhuman skills and arsenal of superweapons, the Assassin will also summon his enormous robot Atlan to fight giant monsters and reconquer the skies aboard his ferocious steed: a jet-powered cybernetic war dragon.

There have been rumors dating back to a Microsoft court document released in 2023 that claimed a new Doom game was in development when it was previously known as Doom: Year Zero. However, today's announcement is the first time id Software and Microsoft have properly disclosed the project following the discovery of the "IDKFA" trademark filing last month, in addition to the aforementioned report.

It is the next entry in id Software's long-running first-person shooter franchise, following the release of Doom Eternal in 2020 and its two DLC expansions, The Ancient Gods Part One and Part Two, released respectively in 2020 and 2021.


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